Advances in 3D Cell Culture

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Advances in 3D Cell Culture is an event that aims at promoting research and networking in this field of science, by providing hands-on training opportunities, conferences, lectures, research poster presentations, and display of products and solutions on current and emerging topics in the area of 3D cell culture.

Hands-on Training Program on Advances in 3D Cell Culture

29 Jan-01 Feb 2024

International Conference on Advances in 3D Cell Culture

02-03 Feb 2024


3D Cell Culture Exhibition

02-03 Feb 2024



About 3D Cell Culture Workshops & Conferences

After an impressive audience for our virtual, first edition of Advances in 3D Cell Culture Workshop 2022, we are back with the second edition of Advances in 3D Cell Culture Workshop and Conference, to be scheduled from January 29 to February 3, 2024. The workshop will be conducted in offline mode and will emphasize on emerging areas like organoids, organs-on-chip, and 3D bioprinting of artificial tissues/organ constructs. The event will focus on the significance of developing in vitro models for preclinical and biological research and also their role in regenerative medicine. The event will consist of four days of hands-on training workshop in organ-on-chip technology, organoid development and characterization of 3D cell cultures. This will be followed by a Two-day international conference on Advances in 3D Cell Culture, which will present opportunities for research poster presentation and oral talks by experienced researchers and students working in this domain, an exhibition that will showcase latest products, and solutions for working in this area and ample opportunity for networking and discussion between students, regulators and academia and industry experts.

Advances in 3D cell culture will assimilate the key industry trends and unconventional efforts towards alternative-in-animal research, across the globe, by enabling experts and students to showcase their work. It will be an excellent opportunity for newer collaborations to streamline efforts in alternative-to-animal models across various sectors of industry and academia.

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